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Left “Ink Therapy Tattoos”; Attempting to open “COG Ink Tattoos” in Honesdale, PA!


Like the title says, my business partner and I have severed our business relationship but remain good friends. The drive back and forth to Eynon and then Carbondale was just too much. So I am currently looking to open my own “COG Ink Tattoos” shop in Honesdale, PA in the very near future. I will keep you updated here.

Until I open my shop I am currently making private tattoo appointments for anyone interested. I can tattoo at your home or at the old shop in Carbondale if you would prefer to be inked at a shop and are willing to make the trip. Feel free to email me at or call (570)-352-7875 to make an appointment.

Thanx and we hope to see you soon in Honesdale!



Eynon Ink is now INK THERAPY TATTOOS and has MOVED down the road to Carbondale, PA!


Eynon Ink Tattoos is NO MORE! We have changed our name and moved to a much better location. We are now located at 91 N. Main Street in Carbondale, PA directly across the street from the YMCA where the Vape Store used to be in the small building next to Little Nikki’s At The Ben-Mar restaurant. We have a BIGGER shop and we’re now called Ink Therapy Tattoos. Our hours are still the same, Tuesday – Saturday from 12pm to 8pm and by appointment only on Sunday and Monday. (Hours subject to change without notice.)

Drew and I are still the tattoo artists and Drew can handle all of your piercing needs as well.

Our Facebook page is the same but the address has been changed to Our new website is . Our old site is still active but that will be closed soon.

This is an incredible opportunity, not only for our shop, but for myself personally as I am now the business partner with Drew as co-owner of Ink Therapy Tattoos! This is the first shop I have ever owned/co-owned so it is very exciting for me. We’re putting a lot into the shop to make it not only a professional, comfortable environment but also a bit of an art gallery with a specific theme very familiar with tattooing. It will take a bit of time to get the shop up to tip top shape and the exact way we want it but it will be worth it for us and for you, the clientele. So please bear with us as we make Ink Therapy Tattoos one of the best shops in east Pennsylvania.

Come by and check out the new shop and get some ink or a piercing! See you there!


Betrayal of the Art Tattoos


This is a story that starts with new beginnings, opportunity, artistry, loyalty & camaraderie but ultimately ends in betrayal. It’s a story you’ve probably heard before a thousand times. We’ve all been through it or known someone who has.

It starts simply enough. I went into State of the Art Tattoos LLC to get a job as a professional tattoo artist, a job I have been supporting my family on for over a decade. The owner wanted me to start immediately unfortunately I did not have my equipment with me, just my portfolio. I was hired immediately on the basis of my portfolio work which can be seen at and in the photo albums at

I worked at State of the Art Tattoos LLC when they had only been open for six months. I maintained a good reputation and work ethic for over two years including a short three month stint when the co-owner/senior artist took a leave of absence and I was the only person working there making me the senior artist. During that three months I worked by myself, 6 days a week, 8-10 hours a day, making money and placing it in the register and notifying the owner of any monies made every day. I was loyal, honest, trustworthy and I was the only thing that kept that shop alive, period.

After a few months on my own the other co-owner came in and took over the shop. We were over three or four months behind on our electric bill and close to getting it shut off, in essence shutting the shop down. The co-owner came in and caught up on the electric bill with money that I solely made being as I was the only artist working there. I literally kept that shop in business by being a good employee and coming to work every day and making money.

Eventually another artist was hired and they invested $5,000 in the company making them part owner of the shop and Shop Manager. For some strange reason this other artist/co-owner did not like me but we kept things civil and worked together for over a year with no major problems.

In October of 2010 our electricity was shut off after only being behind for one month. The electric company wanted an obnoxious amount of money as a deposit to turn the electricity back on and our owner did not have the means to pay this deposit. Basically I was laid off as there was no way to work with no electricity.

The Shop Manager/co-owner found someone to buy the shop from our owner who did not want the responsibility of running a shop to begin with. The shop was re-opened and the electricity was turned back on but there was something missing… Core from COG Ink Tattoos was left out of the loop and not invited back to work. In other words I was fucked out of my job for no reason. Sure the new “Owner” will come up with all kinds of bullshit reasons for why I was not invited back to work but it boils down to this, I worked my ass off for that shop and kept it alive when no one else gave a shit about it and in the end I was literally fucked over and fucked out of my job. This not only effected me but also my children and spouse.

I am still a professional tattoo artist and I still do tattoos out of a shop if necessary. Please join me in banning State of the Art Tattoos and continue to get your ink from Core from COG Ink Tattoos by writing me at , e-mail or by calling (989)-717-2288.

Please continue to get your ink from Core @ COG Ink Tattoos! Your tattoos will be better and the price will definitely be better! Thanx for the support!

With Much Respect,

Corey ‘Core’ Grundstein

COG Ink Tattoos

R.I.P. Rick

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Ricky Mallard “Rick” Seckinger Jr., – SYLVANIA – Ricky Mallard “Rick” Seckinger Jr., age 39, died Tuesday, March 11, 2008, at East Georgia Regional in Statesboro.

~Statesboro Herald – Obituaries – Statesboro, GA

This is a sad day. My friend and former employer Rick, Master Piercer & owner of Cloud 9, died at age 39. I haven’t spoken to him since I moved up here to Michigan. I guess I figured I could always call later and say hi and catch up with him.

It just goes to show you how short life really is. Never take it for granted. Always take the opportunity to tell your family & friends that you love them.

Someone once told me that time was a predator that’s stalked us all our lives. But I’d rather believe that time is a companion who goes with us on the journey and reminds us to cherish every moment. Because they’ll never come again. What we leave behind is not as important as how we’ve lived them.”

~Capt. Jean-Luc Picard – USS Enterprise – 24th Century

Rest In Peace Rick. My friend & brother. I will miss you.



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Tragedy. Today has been a dark day for everyone in the United States and most of the world. I worked today too. Ross was heading home from his family Disney World vacation. I woke up early for some strange reason and listened to a voice mail message a friend left telling me to turn on my television.

Don’t have much more to say other than this has been a day that will live in infamy.


Ivory Tower Tattoos

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As I begin my .com website I am currently working at Ivory Tower Tattoos in Statesboro, Georgia. I began working at I.T.T. in June, 1999 under the wing of Ross Craven (Owner/Tattoo Artist).

Check the, “Contact” & “Schedule” sections of for information.



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Welcome to C.O.G. Ink Tattoo’s Weblog page. I will use this Weblog to post updates to my site, conventions I will be attending, if I move to another shop or city/state and other various things that may pertain to my tattoo career.

Keep checking back for more blogs.